Thompson Questions Minister on Mississauga and Oakville Gas PLant Cancellations

(Queen’s Park)—Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) wasted no time getting back into the swing of things at Queen’s Park, today questioning the Minister of Energy on the $190 million dollar price tag to cancel the Mississauga power plant prior to the October election. She also asked the Minister to finally reveal the cost of cancelling the Oakville power plant.

“The Mississauga power plant cancellation cost Ontario taxpayers $190 million,” said Thompson. “If you do the math, each of the 4 Liberal seats negatively impacted by the location of the gas plant cost the taxpayers $47.5 million dollars. I don’t know anyone who has a job worth that much money. Now the Minister of Energy needs to stand up, face the taxpayers and tell them how much one seat in Oakville is worth to them.”

Thompson also referenced Trillium Wind Power Corporation’s pending $2.25 billion lawsuit against the McGuinty Liberals stemming from the cancellation of the offshore wind program.

In court, Trillium says the decision was made in bad faith, as the Liberal government sought to appease urban voters who were opposed to offshore wind projects in their backyards in the run-up to the provincial election in October last year.

“We are seeing lawsuit after lawsuit, payout after payout stemming from the Ministry of Energy and their bad decisions,” said Thompson. “This is a direct result of this Ministry creating policy on the fly to appease select groups of voters in ridings held by their cabinet minister. This McGuinty Government has been making decisions not on fact-based science, but rather political science.”

Yesterday, the Minister of Energy was called into contempt of the Legislature for refusing to table documents which reveal the true cost of cancelling the Oakville power plant—which is believe to be in the $300 million to $1 billion range.

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