Liberals Slashing Funding for Low Income Ontario Families

(Queen’s Park)—Last week it was revealed to municipal social service agencies by the McGuinty Liberal government that funding to help residents pay utility bills will be cut in half.

“This is a serious matter,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce). “Last winter I received so many calls from constituents who could not afford to pay their hydro bills, and local county social service agencies were there, thankfully, to help families in need. Unfortunately the number of families these agencies will be able to serve will be cut in half because of the Liberals poor fiscal management.”

Social service agencies were notified last week that reduced funding will begin this coming January—at the height of cold winter temperatures. They see this as a measure to get the provinces debt under control, as half the funds from the cut are going to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the other half to cover the provincial debt.

“If the Liberals had made smarter fiscal decisions from the beginning, cutting assistance to the province’s most vulnerable would not be necessary,” said Thompson. “Instead, the Liberals are throwing $190 million to re-located the Mississauga power plant, an unknown amount to cover the cancellation of the Oakville power plant, a $2.25 billion lawsuit from an offshore wind company, and other various lawsuits from wind and solar companies—all in an effort to save the seats of cabinet ministers in the last election.”

“Families in Ontario are struggling to pay the day-to-day bills and provide necessities for their families,” said Thompson. “The Liberals would rather save the seats of cabinet ministers and line the pockets of their friends, while people inOntariocannot afford to pay their electricity bills. We’ve got cancelled gas plants, ORNGE executives getting rich on the taxpayer dime, and the one billion dollar eHealth scandal—while Ontario families will be freezing this winter. There is no other way to say this—this is absolutely wrong.”

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