PC’s Release Bold Labour Plan for Fair Workplaces and Economic Stimulation

(Queen’s Park)—Today Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak and the PC Caucus launched their second in a series of white papers, this one focusing on labour markets.

The second “Path to Prosperity: Flexible Labour Markets” follows May’s “Path to Prosperity: Affordable Energy” white paper. This white paper proposes giving workers the choice to become a union member, making union leaders more accountable to employees, modernizing the rules to open up more government infrastructure work to free-market competition; and reforming workplace agencies to encourage a more flexible workforce and job creation.

“The world has changed, and our economy has changed with it,” said Thompson. “To have a future of balanced budgets, lower taxes, affordable energy and a well-educated, competitive workforce, we must modernize Ontario’s workplace laws, regulations and agencies. This discussion papers is intended to spark debate and solicit public feedback on PC ideas to create jobs, spark investment in Ontario and drive economic growth.”

Presently, only 70 per cent of Ontario’s workforce is covered under the WSIB even though protecting Ontario’s workers for on-the-job injury is the only reason the Board was set up in the first place. Even so, imposing a deteriorating WSIB on the 30 per cent left out makes no sense. In spite of that, next year, theOntario government will do just that for self-employed independent construction contractors under Bill 119, called the Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act. The PC’s will start reforms by repealing this backward step while still ensuring adequate insurance protection.

“A net total of 300,000 jobs have been lost in our vital manufacturing industries under the current government’s approach,” said Thompson. “It’s time for Ontario to re-examine outdated workplace rules that date back to the 1940s and adapt to the much more flexible requirements of today’s employees. Labour flexibility and opportunities for workers are essential to retaining and attracting the best workers.”


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