Minister of Energy Refuses to Answer Questions about FIT Programs: MPP Thompson

(Queen’s Park)—Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) addressed the Minister of Energy with questions about the feed-in tariff (FIT) and microFIT programs, but the Minister refused to give a straight answer.

Thompson asked the Ministry to disclose the number of FIT and microFIT contracts that have been issued throughout Ontario, but are waiting to be connected to the grid via an order paper question to the Minister. The Minister refused to give a number.

“The Ministry refuses to give a number because he knows the launch of the FIT and microFIT programs were a failure,” said Thompson. “The Ministry had to know that the lucrative contracts they handed out would make this a highly-subscribed program. But again, we see the McGuinty Liberals rush into a project like the Green Energy Act with no forethought and no planning.”

Thompson has heard from many constituents who received FIT and microFIT contracts and invested much of their life savings into the infrastructure for these projects, but have not been given the go-ahead to connect to the grid. In many cases tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure sits on their property without connection.

“I have constituents calling my offices everyday questioning when they will get connected to the grid,” said Thompson. “They have invested their life savings in these projects and the McGuinty Liberals are staying mum on their projected timeline. Why won’t they just admit the FIT and microFIT implementations were done in haste without proper planning? Why should these investors have to suffer because the McGuinty Liberals do not know how to manage the economy and the electricity system?”

“Ontarians are saying that the FIT and microFIT process is flawed, and the Auditor General agrees with them,” said Thompson. “Their refusal to answer a simple question further proves that the Liberals are hiding the truth behind their so-called Green Energy Act. It’s time that the McGuinty Liberals fess up, and tell Ontarians what is really going on.”


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