MPP Thompson Tells Energy Minister To Take Responsibility or Step Down

(Queen’s Park)—Today Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) stood up during Question Period to question the Minister of Energy on the Liberal government’s failed energy policies, which have drawn the ire of thousands of families in Ontario.

Two lawsuits have been launched against the McGuinty government, most recently, one this week, with a $1 billion dollar price tag. Last week, another lawsuit was filed, to the tune of $300 million.

“Last week the first lawsuit was tagged at $300 million,” said Thompson. “This week’s lawsuit is $1 billion. How much can we expect next week’s lawsuit to be? The Energy Minister needs to be up front, and tell us, the taxpayers of Ontario who will be footing the bill for these lawsuits how much more this is going to cost all of us on our hydro bills.”

The National Post financial section today said “the Ontario green-energy ship is taking on water and yet one would never know it from how the captain is talking.” This is referring to a comment from the Minister of Energy, who when referring to the Liberals energy policy and inflated hydro bills said, “everything’s fine … stay the course.”

“The Liberal government created the energy mess we are in right now, and if the Minister cannot handle his file, then he should do the honourable thing and step down,” said Thompson. “Ontario families have said unaffordable Liberal energy experiments are failing. The Auditor General gave the Liberal energy experiments a failing grade. Wind companies are shutting down operations, and others are suing the McGuinty Government for over a billion dollars. The Minister needs to admit that this energy nightmare has failed.”


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