LIberal Government Backtracks on mid-Election Health Care PromisesAn Open Letter to the Citizens of Huron-Bruce

(Queen’s Park)—Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) is disappointed that the Liberals have backtracked on their commitment to fund hospital expansion and improvement throughoutOntario.

The news broke yesterday that the McGuinty Liberals may be backtracking on the promises they made during the 2011 election. In an effort to win votes, McGuinty promised funding for the Wingham, Southampton and Kincardine hospitals.Ontario’s Health Minister was in Wingham to make this funding announcement.

“I am disappointed that Dalton McGuinty was not truthful to the constituents of Huron-Bruce during the election,” said Thompson. “If he knew back in September that he did not have the budget for the hospital projects in Huron-Bruce, he should have been up front—as opposed to choosing to choosing to mislead well-intended community leaders and people who deserve quality health care in ruralOntario.

The provincial budget is set to be tabled on Tuesday, March 27th, and it is expected that it could contain information regarding the lack of funds for the promised hospital projects.

“The tough choices we face today are the consequence of nine years of out-of-control spending, and no change in priorities since the election,” said Thompson. “I am extremely disappointed that communities in Huron-Bruce may have to suffer because of Dalton McGuinty’s broken election promise.

Dalton McGuinty has a long track record of broken promises during elections. In 2003, he promised no new taxes, yet his first order of business was to introduce the health tax. In 2007, he campaigned again on no new taxes, yet his government introduced the largest tax hike onOntario’s history, the HST, and the eco-tax. In 2011, he promised health care dollars, and it appears he will backtrack on yet another campaign promise.

“Dalton McGuinty will say anything to win an election,” said Thompson.


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