An Open Letter to the Citizens of Huron-Bruce

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Huron-Bruce:

I want to start by thanking the many people who supported me as I prepared to debate my first piece of private members legislation on March 8th in the Ontario Legislature. I received over 1700 emails from across the province, many coming from Huron-Bruce. I deeply appreciated the supportive phone calls, letters and the support of those who made the trek to Toronto on March 8th to listen to second reading debate. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Since my motion was voted down by the Liberals and NDP, I have heard from some citizens who were frustrated by the fact that not all of my Progressive Conservative colleagues were not there for the vote. I am writing to you today to clear up some misconceptions. First, I met with the NDP on Wednesday and was told by their Energy Critic they would not be supporting me. It was evident that the Liberals were not supportive.

Second, I had 100% support of all of my caucus colleagues for my motion. However, sometimes real life gets in the way. One of my colleagues had a sick child in hospital. My Leader Tim Hudak had to be inOttawa. What many people don’t know is that my time to debate private members business was not supposed to be until late this year. However, one of my colleagues gave me her time to debate private members legislation, because she knew how important this issue was to you, to me, and the entire PC Caucus. Because my motion was called for debate so quickly, some members already had pre-arranged events in their riding that they could not cancel. However, my colleagues that were not necessarily there for the vote supported me by reading petitions and delivering statements.

Tim Hudak has been a champion of this issue. So much so that he is devoting his one opportunity in the 40th Parliament to debating his bill, the Affordable Energy and Restoration of Local Decision Making Act, 2012. This legislation would end the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program, restore local decision making power, and require the Minister of Energy to consult with communities affected by wind and solar projects still under development.

My Leader and my caucus colleagues have been extremely supportive and will continue to be as we work towards returning respect to ruralOntario.

Lisa Thompson, MPP


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