Auditor General Says Ontario’s Energy Approach is All Wrong: Thompson

Today, Ontario’s Auditor General Jim McCarter confirmed that the McGuinty Liberal’s current approach to energy policy is killing the Ontario economy.

It was revealed at Queen’s Park today, when the Auditor General tabled his annual report, that FIT (feed-in tariff) subsidies, the permanent Debt Retirement Charge, and exporting energy to other jurisdictions is killing private sector jobs, and in turn the Ontario economy.

“A sound energy policy is good economic policy, and today’s report shows what we have known all along, that the Liberals are mismanaging the energy portfolio,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce). “It’s time that Dalton McGuinty admits that he is wrong, and we put the brakes on some of these projects so we can evaluate where we need to go from here.”

In his report, the Auditor General revealed that Dalton McGuinty ignored repeated warnings from his own energy advisors that his approach to renewable energy; such as the FIT program and Samsung deal – is too expensive and would increase energy bills for job creators and families alike. The auditor also confirmed that consumers have paid more than enough to cover the $7.8-billion Debt Retirement Charge (DRC), but the government continues to charge it on hydro bills while keeping the remaining debt a secret. Finally, over the last six years, Ontario consumers paid $1.8 billion to New York and Quebec to take away the province’s excess energy.

“The Auditor confirmed that there was no environmental or economic study done to show the possible effects of renewable energy,” said Thompson. “Dalton McGuinty said there would be an estimated 500,000 jobs created by the Green Energy Act. The Auditor proved those numbers are a flop. 30,000 “green energy” jobs are temporary, and studies show that for each job created through renewable energy generation, two to four are lost in other sectors as a result of the high cost of energy. This is unsustainable and we need to take a closer look at how we manage energy in Ontario. ”


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