Thompson Addresses Energy Minister Regarding CAW Wind Turbine

Last week, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) addressed the Minister of Energy on behalf of her constituents who are concerned about the CAW wind turbine being placed in the centre of Port Elgin.

Thompson wrote to the Minister of Energy asking him to clarify the setback rules for industrial wind turbines, as the regulations within the Green Energy Act state the setbacks for industrial wind turbines must be 550 metres, and the proposed CAW turbine will only have a setback of just over 300 metres from homes.

“If communities had the power in the placement of wind turbines, this would be a non-issue,” said Thompson. “This is a time sensitive matter and I have asked the Minister to clarify the rules, and to ask the CAW to delay the project until there is clarity from his Ministry on the rules.”

Thompson supports the Town of Saugeen Shores and Council’s recent resolution to ask the Ministry of the Environment to review the public’s concerns and provide the public with an opportunity to be heard, and to exercise their authority to review, suspend or revoke the Certificate of Approval for the CAW’s wind turbine.

Next week, newly elected Progressive Conservative MPP Todd Smith (Prince Edward-Hastings) is tabling a bill which will give the planning power for industrial wind turbines back to local municipalities.

“This bill will give communities back the power to plan and cite wind turbines where they see fit—not where provincial government believes they should go,” said Thompson. “I will be speaking adamantly in favour of this bill next Thursday when it is called for debate, and will be pleased to vote in favour of it,” said Thompson.

When the House resumes routine proceedings later this week, Thompson plans to table a motion which will place a moratorium on all wind turbine projects until a third party health and environmental study has been completed.


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